Full Review

“Tony Trapp is the best, period. That means he doesn’t cut corners, and doesn’t work with people who do. And, the best people cost more than the average people. But, you get more than you pay for, too. Much more.

“I demand to get something for every dollar. I am frugal, and I am more of a DIYer than most. I had several contractors come out to look at a number of jobs, and I interviewed a number of skilled workers across several trades for my house remodel. In the end, I didn’t hire any of them. If you’ve done some research, you already know why — good people are hard to find. Really hard.

“And that was how it was, until I talked to Tony about what I wanted. When he met with me and my wife, with him were the best electrician I have ever met, and the best plumber I have ever met. And they all worked with us to sketch out what they could do.

“And when the carpenters came, they were the best carpenters I have ever met — every one of them was a better carpenter than anyone I have ever worked with. And it kept on like that through every sort of job — the workers who came out to take out the old insulation and put in the new were the very best, the team who did all the demo, put up the drywall, and so forth, all the very best. And everything came along on schedule, orchestrated as promised. And, when there were bumps in the road, whether due to a misunderstanding or a job that didn’t turn out as I or my wife had envisioned, Tony took care of it. And the price never changed except when I took over part of the job, or asked Tony for more work to be done. He was flexible to a fault, working with me without friction on my every change, and there were quite a few.

“These are some of the many other benefits we got when we put our faith, and our money, in Tony. We got the best there is, and we got everything we wanted the way we wanted it. Maybe it sounds self-indulgent, but then, this is where we live, and we have particular ideas about what we do and don’t want. On every front, Tony met those expectations, and frequently exceeded them, such as by providing better work than we thought possible, spotting problems that were then fixed instead of becoming another problem down the road, and many other such matters that are hard to describe in a short review, but each of which is important. And I know, from experience, that other contractors, even good ones, would not have provided the things Tony did. He’s simply on another level.

“Tony Trapp earned my trust, respect, and admiration. He has the best people, but Tony is the very best of the best. I have never seen anyone so meticulous, diligent, professional, patient, or wise about his work. If I had to do it all over again, I would count myself the luckiest person alive if I could have Tony again.” -David L.